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These clients rely on us.
We advise, train & coach corporations and medium-sized companies. Our team is fluent in German, English and French.
Mercedes-Benz Logo
Mercedes-Benz Germany - Sven Möller, Sales Manager

In my daily work, points such as "the crisis leader" or the charisma principles really help me, but I also benefit from the model with the unconscious incompetence or competence to better understand my partners and thus to better guide them.

The focus map hangs framed above my desk, as I am using it to structure my appointments in order to be well prepared for the discussions related to the redesign of our sales system".

Sparkasse Logo
Kreissparkasse Augsburg - Gertrud Grießer, deputy member of the management board

"ICO ImpulseConsult is ahead of its time when it comes to modern leadership.
With ICO, we already implement topics in practice , that are still discussed as future questions at university. Our joint project "Successfully mastering innovation and change" is going very well and in best cooperation.

Versicherungskammer Bayern Logo
Versicherungskammer Bayern - Dr. Sascha Groh, Head of Department IT Cross Section

"Thanks to ICO, we have been able to achieve the milestone "Digital Transformation" and generate significant results in a short period of time. We are proud of the fact that the teamers and leaders in particular were and are willing to engage in an open dialog across all hierarchical levels - even in the face of constructive controversy. Without our transformation with the ICO tools, we would certainly not be as well prepared for the upcoming challenges".

Mercedes-Benz Logo
Mercedes-Benz Global Training - Ursula Sanio, Head of Management Training Germany

"ICO provides powerful images and models to make the demands of future leadership between self-efficacy and risk management manageable".

Roland Berger Logo
Roland Berger Strategy Consultants - Claudia Hofmann, HR

"Since 2004 your trainers teach our international junior consultants in symetrical leadership and cooporation. We thank you for your ability of bringing together so many different cultures in common goals."

Logo Kurt Schoppmann GmbH + Co. KG
Mercedes-Benz car dealership: Kurt Schoppmann GmbH & Co. KG - Marc Huhle, Managing Director

About the live online seminar series "Leadership Empowerment":

"The VC Leadership / Crisis Empowerment has raised my competence as a managing director to a new level. Thanks to the methodical approach, I am much more in control of the situation and reach my employees better. Confidence has risen, we are pulling more in the same direction.

The new overview brings order to the system. But what is particularly valuable - and that makes all the difference - is the systematic instruction in small group coaching sessions. Through the guidance plus methodical implementation, we can now support each other and give feedback in a much more specific way. I feel markedly less alone with my problems - and therefore also more confident.

Thank you, our coaches, for shifting your concept to crisis so quickly. This is not a matter of course. I am looking forward to the next round with you!"

Daimler AG Logo
Daimler AG - Knut Brüns, Director Asset Management

"The logical linking of formulas for success in extreme sports with the goal-oriented management of opportunities and risks in everyday professional life is fascinating. Peter Tümmers v. Schoenebeck demonstrates in a very vivid and original way how positive energies can be released and used sustainably for change processes. He got our demanding group of managers caught up, guided them smartly through wild waters, and then - equipped with many valuable impulses and insights - set them down again on safe shore. No Risk - Much Fun!"

Altana Logo
ALTANA Pharma - Michael Amthor, Training Supervisor

" Boundaries are expanded - emotionally and exciting! Every year again! This is why ICO and ALTANA Pharma have a longtime partnership".

Audi Logo
Audi AG - Byron West, Trade Marketing

"As a result of the excellent ICO support we have achieved the strengthening of our team spirit and self-confidence. The workshop was a super-SuXess."

IBM Logo
IBM - Christian Hildebrand, form. Vice President & Managing Director

"The training exceeded my personal and the very ambitious expectations of my team by far."

Daimler AG Logo
Daimler AG - Dr. Roland Komes, Customer support team for the board of directors

"Dear Peter, your seminar had a depth effect that I did not expect... Suddenly, platonic ideas, the theories of knowledge and perception of Kant, Sartre, Husserl, to name only a few points, appear again in the very center of my life. Thus, thank you, the days were (and still are) a great experience and the implementation of the results a daily success!"

IBM Logo
IBM - Patrick Molck-Ude, Director of Global IBM/SAP Alliance

"An ideal combination of fast cognitive processes in the outdoor environment, which can be perfectly reflected during the indoor session and have a strong lasting effect, as information is transmitted with movement and fun. After nine seminars with ICO with different teams and about various topics, I have not stopped discovering new things!".

Materna Logo
Materna - Martin Köpke, Director Business Unit Information

"For over 2 years we have been working successfully with you in the analysis & development of management structures and executives. Your workshops and coachings are always aligned with our strategic goals. The secret of our success is always based on the very successful combination of sound management methods and psychological models - enriched with many hints and examples based on "real life". Your special strength lies in the clear recognition and analysis of situations and characters, as well as in the spontaneous implementation of these findings. You and your team enjoy a high level of trust among our employees and managers and I would be very pleased if we could continue our cooperation equally succesful in the future".

Hubert Burda Media Logo
Hubert Burda Media - Dr. Christian Fill, Managing Director

"This was by far the best seminar series I have experienced in my professional life. Extraordinary teaching and learning methods help to transfer learnings that were obtained in the seminar world into the harsh reality of everyday life. I was able to apply some of them immediately - related to strategy development, planning and interaction with my employees".

Risk Management Association e.V. Logo
RMA RiskManagement Association e.V., Prof. Dr. Roland Erben - Board of Directors

"When it comes to risk management, many companies still focus too much on technical aspects. Through Peter Tümmers' lecture, I learned about the importance of the "human factor" and specific possibilities of regulation. This helps me to guide myself and others to higher decision-making competence in difficult situations. The vivid examples and pictures from high-performance sports have been very comprehensible for us managers. That will stick".

Sparkasse Logo
Sparkasse Oberland - Roland Jeckle, Head of Human Resources

"By now, we have a consistent formulation and employee-oriented communication of vision, mission statement and corporate strategy on through to the individual goals of each employee. Another result is the redesign of management structures and their integration into the excellence-process. We experience the cooperation with ICO as successful, goal- and result-oriented. We particularly appreciate the independent refreshing manner with which even apparently unpleasant questions are addressed and solutions are found."

Porsche Logo
Porsche AG - Klaus-Gerhart Wolpert , Director of Development Porsche Cayenne

"From the successful innovation to the successful series - thanks to the ICO team for your consistent and wise guidance".

Deutsche Telekom Logo
Deutsche Telekom AG - Peter Munk, Personal-/Organisationsentwicklung

"ICO provides new management methods for "integrative One Company Processes", which are beyond compare in their modernity and concreteness."

DSV Logo
Deutscher Skiverband - Hans Schmid, Competition Commissioner Ski jump/ Nordic combination

"Dear ICO Team, your team- and mental-training for the DSV talent scouting camp was a huge success. The trainers were presenting the psychological models in a child-friendly and plausible way. Benefits have been immediately apparent and the children were very enthusiastic. The kids learned that, in addition to competition, social competence and teamwork are important components for success. The success of the training in the Skywalk Park is obvious. I would like to thank the ICO team warmly and I am looking forward to working with you in the future".

Wildwater national team - Lars Walter, World Champion White Water

"Physical fitness alone does not make a world champion! Without the all-round mental support of Peter Tümmers, this performance would not have been possible. The combination of physical strength and mental clarity is the key to success."

White water national team - Gregor Simon, national coach canoe & 5-time world champion

"The mental training of Peter Tümmers helped me a lot during my active time: In sport and in other aspects of life. Today I appreciate being his coaching colleague."

VW Logo
VW, Bernd Engelstädter - Board Member for Production

"This training is one of the most impressive experiences I have ever had." (Igloo Winter Training)

ZDF Logo
ZDF Sports Editorial Office, Susanne Simon

"I have appreciated ICO for years, both in its professional work and as a partner in editorial TV contributions."

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