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Profitable value chain
Our goal: to optimize processes in a customer-oriented manner through maximally coordinated chains of activities.
Our approach: Graphically illustrate complex processes in your company quickly and easily across hierarchies and departments in order to find causes and solve problems pragmatically.
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The devil takes the hindmost

Only the employees of the specialist departments have detailed knowledge of the actual processes. They are the experts of the daily processes. AND: Interface issues are naturally considered from their own silo. An exchange across departments and hierarchies is necessary: The source of the problem is not automatically the cause. Often the impact of the disruption and the lack of understanding of the other departments, including managers, hits the last area in the process chain. It is important to face the "devil in the details":

✔ View complex processes in your company across hierarchies and departments
✔ Exchange of perspectives to use swarm intelligence
✔ Identify problems and their causes
✔ implementing pragmatic solutions

EmpowerTool: BrownPaper Methode
How does it work?

BrownPaper - Method

✔ Definition of the process / activity and the start/end point of the value chain to be considered
✔ status quo: Run through the process step by step and map it accordingly on the brownpaper
✔ Identify malfunctions, note down ideas for solutions if necessary (in the best case "quick wins")
✔ Alternatives for disturbances are worked out in theme groups, presented in parliament, tested in the company and later the implementation is approved
✔ Design optimized TARGET process
✔ If necessary, redefine roles with responsibilities, interfaces and substitutions and make changes to the organization chart

Process optimization with BrownPaper
The BrownPaper is a "high touch - low tech" method to visualize complex processes across hierarchies and departments and to identify problems and their causes.
Why BrownPaper

✔ Capture the STATUS QUO of sub-processes or an entire value chain

✔ Identification of interfaces, responsibilities and weaknesses in the process

✔ Reduction of processing times

✔ Avoidance of "swimming lane ping-pong"

✔ Linking responsibility to activity

✔ Development of lean customer-oriented target processes in terms of lean management

✔ Training of the BrownPaper method with the employees as help for self-hel

Principles of BrownPaper

✔ Reduction of complexity through visualization

✔ Training of coaches who can independently accompany process work in the company

✔ Work topics are worked on in OLT groups (Owner - Leader - Teamer); Leader and Teamer are experts out of the employee level. The owner is a manager with the power to remove obstacles for the work team.

✔ Qualitative and quantitative optimization of a process (process acceleration and streamlining) from the customer's perspective

✔ A process is agile and must be questioned again and again. There is no such thing as a "finished process".

Success factors

✔ All departments and functions affected by the process are to be involved and equally take part in the discussion

✔ Clarify conflicting goals and core issues ("DOs" & "DON'Ts") at the beginning

✔ View the process as a customer-oriented value chain

✔ neutral moderator with stringent moderation

✔ include "keepers" (pilots) and "change agents" (pioneers) equally in the process work

✔ Quality assurance by establishing a quality coach, who is responsible for compliance with the process and further optimization if necessary

Process work using EmpowerSystem® - agile & stable control elements
"High touch - low tech" Method BrownPaper - Lean customer-oriented processes

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Expectation query

We make sure to work according to the special needs of the participants. Flexibility in implementation is our self-concept.

Seminar documents

Every participant receives our method manuals & working tools in haptic and digital form as well as e-learning videos, if applicable.

Mix of methods

We use modern & practice-proven, agile & stable methods, which are optimally interconnected & compatible with all industrial sectors.

Online Seminars

Attendance seminar, webinar & e-learning reasonably combined implies optimal use of resources with maximum effect. Fast, lean, effective.


Your feedback is our quality assurance. We look forward to a critical reflection with you for our continuous improvement process.

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Claudia Heil

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Peter Tümmers von Schoenebeck

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Frequently asked questions
How long is a training program?

You determine the duration of the training program.
From a short daily impulse to a weekly program or process support over a longer period of time with various interventions spread over the year, everything is possible. Please contact us. We will be happy to advise you based on your objectives.

Are there recommendations for accommodation?

We will gladly advise you on accommodation. We have numerous contacts to different accommodation categories. From self-catering hut to ****star hotel, everything is possible in the Allgäu.
For groups of 20 persons and more, we can arrange accommodation and meals as an agency service on request.

What kind of qualifications do the trainers and consultants have?

Our consultants manage the triangle of people, nature and economy. This ensures that experiences made in the learning field of nature are evaluated in a business-relevant format, taking into account group dynamics and personality development factors.
Our trainers usually have 3 mainstays:
1. academic education: Economy, psychology, sociology
2. psychological training: NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), Systemic Coaching, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy
3. certified outdoor training in the following disciplines:
- alpine: mountain guide, ski instructor, climbing trainer, high ropes course trainer
- Whitewater: rafting guide, canyon guide, canoe instructor

All trainers have completed an ICO outdoor trainer qualification, the focus of which is to evaluate real outdoor experiences with focus on business and people and to transfer this knowledge goal oriented into the professional everyday life of the group or the individual.

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Fax +49 8321 68951

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ICO consults, trains & coaches people and companies using practical methods. Balance between agility & stability is our focus.
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