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ICO Webinar: Be fast & lean!
Do you need the fastest possible transfer with minimised downtime?
We rely on a combination of face-to-face seminars, webinars and e-learning - lean, fast, intensive.
Go for agility AND stability with the ICO EmpowerSystem®.
Practical agile methods from Scrum, Canvas, Kanban and Design Thinking
ICO Webinar topics on the pulse of time
Live interaction with consultant & colleagues
also as face-to-face workshops
Webinar 1

✔ individual focus map for confident "juggling" through the crisis; The crisis leader - currently required leadership skills.

✔ Creating meaning (developing empowering beliefs) for maximum motivation of your staff and activation of their potential

✔ Mastering complexity with the Empower-Map - an agile project management tool that takes into account agile & stable factors of a company.

In a situation with great challenges, it is important to proceed with a cool head and a warm heart: organise considerately - convince charismatically. Acting in a focussed, concentrated and sustainable manner is a great challenge. After all, many balls have to be kept in the air at the same time. How do I adjust my direction? How do I use my resources well? Are there new products and channels for my "go to market"? How do I manage to be a sense maker, locomotive and guarantor for my employees at the same time? In the webinar, we will develop your individual action plan together and put it into practice.

Webinar 2

Agility is only half the battle |
agile-stable on both feet

✔ Mastering a concrete agile method mix of Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking practically adapted to your goals.

✔ sensible balance between process-focused & agile working as well as pragmatic application of a "toggle switch" between the two

✔ direct implementation on your concrete needs (no abstract case studies)

Agility is THE topic in your business, but there is a lack of implementation or agile mindset of your employees? You need quick & lean agile methods that work in practice and allow connection to classic structures?

Our webinar "Agility is only half the battle" will get you and your employees up and running with the ICO EmpowerSystem®. Our focus is on the balance between agile and stable methods.

WEB 1 Karrikatur Hamsterrad Vollständig - Kopie-min
Webinar 3

Confident under pressure | More confident on the hamster wheel

✔ Individual stress profile and derived personal options for action

✔ Stress & me: early recognition, danger signs | What for: prevention, sensing solutions

✔ Stress & us: Hit list of digital stress boosters | What for: Recognising urgency

Stress & leadership: Helpful principles, attitudes and methods | Why: Developing leadership

Stress amplifying patterns of digitality and the growing restlessness - how we can competently encounter it.
Which "stress-reinforcing patterns" are intensifying with the "dark side" of digitalisation and world communitarisation? How can we competently respond to this in our leadership responsibility?

ICO Crisis Manager & Leader
Management models 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 | 5 principles of leadership in crises | FocusMap & FocusCircle | Personality models MBTI, DISG or similar. | individual presence profile | stress model | stress competence | mental techniques etc.

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Expectation query

We make sure to work according to the special needs of the participants. Flexibility in implementation is our self-concept.

Seminar documents

Every participant receives our method manuals & working tools in haptic and digital form as well as e-learning videos, if applicable.

Mix of methods

We use modern & practice-proven, agile & stable methods, which are optimally interconnected & compatible with all industrial sectors.

Online Seminars

Attendance seminar, webinar & e-learning reasonably combined implies optimal use of resources with maximum effect. Fast, lean, effective.


Your feedback is our quality assurance. We look forward to a critical reflection with you for our continuous improvement process.

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Using the virtual world for learning means efficiency in all areas: Time, cost, intensity, flexibility. We also attach importance to a high degree of interaction possibilities in the webinar as a basis for sustainable impact.

All our consulting, training and coaching services can be carried out virtually with us.
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The current disruptive times have prompted us to bundle additional topics for you which, in our experience, offer quick help in dealing with today's VUKA world and the "necessary" crisis management.

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